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I love candles with photos on them. Can you do this yourself?

Make Your Own Photo Candle Centerpieces

Nothing could be more personal than a candle centerpiece wrapped in a personal photo. These make perfect wedding centerpieces, anniversary party favors or gifts or just a special candle for a special someone. To make your own photo candle centerpieces you will need: • A photo to use for the candles • Round pillar candles • Embossing tool • Straight pins • Double stick tape • ½ inch thick ribbon • Small decals (optional) First you will want to make photocopies of your picture—one for each candle you're making. Curl the photocopies in a roll so they will fit the round pillar candles better. Then cut the photocopied photos to fit the candles and use the straight pins to fasten the photo to the candles. Now use the embossing tool to heat and melt the top layers of wax on the candle. Continue to do this until the wax saturates the photo and coats it completely. At this point you can remove the pins and start to decorate your candle centerpieces. Attach a ribbon at the base of the photo and knot the ends to make a small bow. You can also use scrapbook embellishments that will thread on the ribbon to further decorate the candle centerpieces. If you want to add a message on the candle centerpieces you could use rub on stencils or attach a small, decorative piece of paper in the same fashion you did the photo, which has names or dates written on it.

What are carved candles?

Custom Candles: The Carved Candle

Carved candles have been around for years but have never been as widely seen as votive and jar candles due to the level of difficulty in making these works of art. For a special occasion, such as a wedding, anniversary or graduation having custom candles carved makes a special and touching gift. Almost any design can be created in these wax custom candles from simple arches and hearts to intricate, woven designs. The best part of these candles is they can be customized with a type of face plate that will hold the recipient's name and the special occasion. Since these custom candles are too beautiful to melt away, some will come with a replaceable tea light which can be placed atop the candle and burned instead of the carved candle itself. This is advisable since these candles can cost upwards of $50.00 due to the work it takes to create them.

Can candles be personalized with pictures?

Custom Candles: Printed Candles

Candles can be customized in many ways. Sometimes it's the scent and color combination or the size of the candles that matter. Some custom candles are printed with a message or a favorite photo. For businesses, organizations, or just to make a special occasion have custom candles printed with either your business logo or your special message. A candle with your business name and/or logo on it will hold a lasting impression with customers. To mark a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday or retirement have a special message placed on a candle to commemorate the date. For the ultimate in personalized custom candles there are companies that will allow you to email in any picture and have it transferred to a pillar candle. This is perfect for weddings, for a special friend or even just to have a picture of your favorite pet on a candle. A custom photo candle with a baby's first picture on it makes a great gift for grandparents, aunts and uncles. Just be sure when ordering this type of candle to allow time for production. Custom candles always take longer to create than ordinary candles.

We're having a poker night. Are there any poker themed candles out there?

Matching Decorative Candles To Your Party

Having a fun poker night and want to set the stage with details? Try some poker inspired decorative candles. Miniature floating card candles are perfect for poker night and a set of candles shaped as dice fits right in with game night. Don't forget a Royal Flush pillar candle to top it all off. Not only are these decorative candles in keeping with the night's theme but, since they are scented, they'll help cut down on any cigar or cigarette smoke that may be in the room during the big game. Having a girl's night party? Place martini gel candles throughout the rooms to set the mood for fun. Gel candles in martini glasses, complete with an olive, look just like the real thing. Serve martinis or cosmopolitans to keep with the theme. Want to get really girly with your decorative candles? Floating candles in the shape of lipstick, high heeled shoes and purses in a bowl of water adds another feminine touch to the night.

Any suggestions on decorating candles with the kids?

Make Your Own Floral Decorative Candles

Want a fun craft project to do with the kids? Help them make their own decorative candles. What you'll need for your decorative candles: • A Pillar Candle • Scissors • White glue • Sponge for applying glue • Acrylic paint • Paintbrushes • Decorations- leaves or dried flowers that you've collected Big, round pillar candles are the easiest to turn into decorative candles so look for those at the store when getting your supplies. Make sure to remove any wrappers or stickers from the candles. Now decide what you want on your candle. A large, dried leaf (available at craft stores) works well or a flat flower such as a dried periwinkle. Use the sponge to carefully apply glue to the back of the leaf or flower. Press it to the side of the candle and then roll the candle, leaf side down, onto a piece of paper. If the candle is round this will make the edges stand out from the candle, giving it a three-dimensional effect. You can also use stickers or paint on your decorative candles to add details. Paint flowers or butterflies on your candles. To apply stickers, stick them to the candle and then apply a layer of white glue on top of the sticker. The glue will dry clear and seal the sticker to the candle.

I'd like to buy my boyfriend a candle. Are there any candles for men available?

Decorative Candles For Men

For the most part candles are thought of as women's domain but men are beginning to appreciate the finer things in life as well. Here are some suggestions for many candles for the guy on your gift list. A stone shaped Tropical Mango and Vanilla decorative candle with a clay handkerchief candle holder is perfect for the man who loves a good cigar. This masculine candle and holder not only look great but eliminate odors from cigar and cigarette smoke. This decorative candle is perfect for a den or anyone who smokes. These odor eliminating candles are also available in pillar candle form as well. Sometimes all it takes is a manly scent to make a man appreciate a good candle. Avoid flowery, fruity or feminine scents. Instead go for more masculine scents such as Coffee, basil, sage, mint or a musk type of fragrance. If possible, search for a company that allows you to choose your decorative candle colors and choose a plain white candle if possible. The less “girly” (as in no mint green or pink) the better liked the candle will be.

Is there a way to decorate your own candles?

Make Your Own Decorative Candles

Decorative candles can be done easily and inexpensively at home. All you need are some basic supplies and you can decorate candles to your liking. To easily decorate taper candles choose some small stickers that will fit on the sides of your candles. If you plan on burning these candles make sure to place the stickers at least half way down the candles, as you can't burn where the stickers are. Place the stickers where you want them and then melt some clear sealing wax in an old pot. Once the wax is completely melted carefully dip your decorative candles by the wick into the wax to “laminate” them. If you have long candles you may have to dip one end at a time. This is perfect for Christmas dinner candles, Thanksgiving dinner candles or just a romantic evening with little lips or Xs and Os stickers on your decorative candles.

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