Make Your Own Photo Candle Centerpieces

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I love candles with photos on them. Can you do this yourself?

Make Your Own Photo Candle Centerpieces

Nothing could be more personal than a candle centerpiece wrapped in a personal photo. These make perfect wedding centerpieces, anniversary party favors or gifts or just a special candle for a special someone. To make your own photo candle centerpieces you will need: • A photo to use for the candles • Round pillar candles • Embossing tool • Straight pins • Double stick tape • ½ inch thick ribbon • Small decals (optional) First you will want to make photocopies of your picture—one for each candle you're making. Curl the photocopies in a roll so they will fit the round pillar candles better. Then cut the photocopied photos to fit the candles and use the straight pins to fasten the photo to the candles. Now use the embossing tool to heat and melt the top layers of wax on the candle. Continue to do this until the wax saturates the photo and coats it completely. At this point you can remove the pins and start to decorate your candle centerpieces. Attach a ribbon at the base of the photo and knot the ends to make a small bow. You can also use scrapbook embellishments that will thread on the ribbon to further decorate the candle centerpieces. If you want to add a message on the candle centerpieces you could use rub on stencils or attach a small, decorative piece of paper in the same fashion you did the photo, which has names or dates written on it.



8/30/2006 4:08:38 PM
KJ said:

Interesting idea...havent figured out how to get the picture to be saturated without the candle dripping yet :(
If you have done it and it worked for you please write and tell me your trick.


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