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I love candles and saving money. How can I get candles on sale?

Where To Find Candles On Sale

Keeping an eye out for candles on sale can be tricky but finding a good candle sale can be so rewarding.
Always scan your local newspaper for advertised sales. Some candle outlet stores will have a large annual sale, so if you like their product then make sure to check around the same time each year for the sale and stock up. Gift stores that are going out of business are also a good place to find candles on sale.
Other good places to find candles on sale are any local closeout or liquidation stores. These stores take inventory from businesses that have closed and sell them at deeply discounted prices. The best part of these stores is you can sometimes find quality brand name items for far less than you'd pay retail. The trick to these types of stores is that their inventory changes constantly so make sure to check in often so you don't miss any great candles on sale.
If it's in the real world, you have to know it's in cyber space as well. Online liquidation Websites are also worth checking out for candles on sale. You'll have to check often, just as with brick and mortar stores, but you won't have to leave your house to do it.

If some store offers discounted candles are they always cheaper?

Comparison Shopping For A Discount Pillar Candle

Any store can say they offer a discount pillar candle at lower prices but just because it says discount doesn't mean you're getting the best price.
Some companies go so far as to put the word “discount” in their name, especially on the internet, but before you go ahead and assume you can't get a discount pillar candle for less anywhere else do some price comparisons. Their great bargain on that pillar candle may be as much as a few dollars more than you can get from a well known candle company.
Quality is also a huge factor when buying candles. Many places can offer you cheaper candles but if they are mass produced with low grade waxes and “cut” fragrances (meaning diluted and less aromatic) your discount pillar candle could end up smelling like a hunk of unscented wax.
If you do find a place that offers a discount pillar candle try test driving a smaller candle of the same product line, such as a votive, and see how it performs first. Does is give off a good scent throw? Does it burn evenly and last a reasonable amount of time? If you're happy with the quality of your smaller candle there's a greater chance you'll be happy with your pillar candle.
Also, keep your eye open for well known brands that come on sale. Some candle companies are renowned for the quality and strong scent of their candles. Keep an eye on that company's website or, if they are available in stores, watch the store's fliers for sales. You may be able to get a famous brand, quality candle for less than you would a lesser quality discount pillar candle.

I want to buy discount candles but are they all just plain candles or are some decorative?

A Discount Pillar Candle Needn't Be Boring

When people think of discounted items they often think they have to sacrifice quality and style. That's not always the case. You can find a good discount pillar candle that both looks and smells great.
Don't automatically go for the boring round pillar candles. A discount pillar candle can come in all shapes and sizes. Try purchasing a square or octagon shaped candle for a unique look. Round ball candles are also a great choice and are a breakaway from the normal round pillars. For something really different, burn a round ball candle down just enough so that there is a hole to fit a tea light cup into. Then place a tea light of contrasting color to the ball candle and simply burn the tea light. The ball candle acts as a unique candle holder.
Odd shaped candles are really shown off when set in groupings. Take two or three of the same shape of a discount pillar candle and arrange them together on a decorative platter or fancy dish. For a more interesting look have the pillars the same shape but different heights.

Where's the best place to look to find discount candles?

Finding A Discount Scented Candle Online

The Internet is a great resource for finding what you want at a lower price. Doing your homework and hitting the search engines may just reveal a way to buy a discount scented candle instead of paying full price.
There are many Websites solely dedicated to helping customers source out the best prices on almost anything. Typing “discount candles” into a search engine will reveal many Websites that list places you can find candles for less. Browse and compare the offering on these sites and chances are you'll find the discount scented candle you were looking for.
Also, many Internet only candle stores are able to offer you a discount scented candle that traditional brick and mortar business may not be able to. Overhead is a big part of how much a company must charge for their products. An Internet only business will most likely have a much lower overhead, in terms of renting space, employees etc., and may be able to sell their products at a reduced rate. So compare the prices of candles you find Online and in traditional stores and see if you can snag yourself a discount scented candle on the Internet.

What's a unique thank you gift for someone who likes candles?

Saying Thank You With Inexpensive Scented Jar Candles

Thank you notes might be all right for after a wedding or baby shower but not for a special someone who has gone above and beyond for you. If you need to say a really big thank you, but you're on a budget, try giving them one or two delicious but inexpensive scented jar candles.
The candle should include a little note or message tag thanking the recipient for their good deed, and if you're the creative type, a little poem. If you're not creative try for that extra little touch.
For a really big thank you, make some homemade goodies, or buy some yummy treats if you don't cook, and add a couple of inexpensive scented jar candles and make your own custom gift basket for your friend.

Can just anyone get candles at wholesale prices?

Wholesale Candles For Retailers

Owning a small business means more than finding a location and hanging up your sign. You need to know where to find great products that you can resell to your customers. If you plan on selling candles, locating a reputable supplier of wholesale candles can be a big boon to your small business.
Name recognition is a big seller to the consumer. If you can offer your customers a name they know and trust they'll be more likely to buy your products. Partnering with a well established manufacturer of wholesale candles will likely help your sales as they will have the expertise and promotional tools available to help you sell their products.
Another important issue to consider is the range of the company's product line. While you don't need to carry everything the company offers, you will want to make sure they have a variety of different types of candles and scents to please the public. Accessories and a steady stream of new items are also important when choosing a supplier of wholesale candles. Customers want to try new things from a name they trust so be sure you can offer it to them.

We're having unity candles at our wedding. Is there a way to get them cheaper?

The Discount Unity Candle

The final bill for your big wedding day can add up to quite a grand total. That's why many happy couples feel the need to shop around in order to find the best price on those little extras. A discount unity candle can be every bit as beautiful as more expensive ones but leave more money in your pocket.
For those on a very tight budget, a plain white candle that you decorate yourself can serve as a very inexpensive discount unity candle. Try using rub on decals or gluing small decorative gem-like stones to embellish your candle.
If you're not into doing your own decorating, you can still find great deals on a discount unity candle. Look for unity candle sets that include the larger, main unity candle and two tapers as they'll likely be cheaper in a set than sold separately. Buying the unity candle holder at the same time may offer additional savings.

What are some other ways of getting discounted candles besides sales?

Membership May Mean Discount Candles

It's not unusual for non-competing companies to cross promote each other by offering discounts or specials to each other's customers. If you belong to an association or shop frequently at specific stores, you may be eligible for discount candles if they've paired up with a candle company.
If you have a membership card in an association some candle companies may allow you to show your membership card and receive discount candles when you shop there. Be sure to check with any clubs or associations you belong to and see if membership with them offers you a discount with other stores.
Companies are always looking to reach their target market in new ways. Look for cross promotions between similar types of businesses such as bath and body stores or home décor stores that may give coupons for discount candles at a store they have chosen to help promote.

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