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I have tons of jar candles but just found out I can't burn them in my dorm room when I go to college. Do I have to throw them all out or can I do something with them?

Electric Candle Warmers

If you have jar candles in your home but either prefer not to have an open flame or can't burn candles then an electric candle warmer is a great alternative. These devices plug into the wall and have a hot plate surface that you place your jar candle on. Now, instead of relying on a potentially dangerous open flame to release your candle's fragrance, the gentle warming from the hot plate below will slowly melt the candle and scent the air. An electric candle warmer is perfect for teachers, college students in dorms, offices or the elderly. Anywhere that you can't or shouldn't have the open fire of a candle you can still enjoy the jar candles you have in a safe manner. The best part is jar candles are easily accessible and can be used many times before being used up. This may be easier and more cost effective than melting candle tarts.

Are there any inconspicuous electric fragrancers I can use for my office?

The Aromatherapy Ring

Do you want to add fragrance to the air but not with candles or traditional electric fragrance product? Try the simple terra cotta aromatherapy lamp ring to scent your home. These little rings fit around any standard light bulbs in your lamps and hold essential oil that you drop in the ring. When the lamp is turned on the heat from the light bulb warms the oil and releases the fragrance. This is perfect for those who can't burn candles or in an office where obvious electric fragrance products might get in the way. The strength of the scent can be controlled by how much oil you place in the ring. For a light scent start with eight drops—you can always add more later. Also, don't be afraid to experiment and blend scents to create your own favorites. • To reduce stress try 6 drops Clary Sage, 2 drop Lemon and 2 drop Lavender • To reduce irritability try 6 drops Mandarin and 4 drops Lavender This method of electric fragrance is perfect for the energy conscious and those who care about the environment. You don't need to use any more electricity than what you already were to power your lamp and using pure essential oils is a natural way to fragrance your home without chemicals.

I want to buy my friend an electric simmer pot. Are there enough varieties out there to match her decorating style?

Matching Your Electric Simmer Pot To Your Décor

An electric simmer pot is a great way to enjoy your favorite fragrances without having to worry about a burning candle. With a variety of different styles to choose from there's an electric simmer pot to match almost any décor. For those who've decorated with a contemporary theme, try a simmer pot in either a solid color such as black or cream. If you like your electric simmer pot to stand out in a crowd try a purple glass simmer pot or a simmer pot with a stand created into a pewter fairy. For those with a taste for all things country an electric simmer pot with sunflowers or strawberry fields will fit in perfectly. Know someone who loves cats? Yes, there's an electric simmer pot with a kitty motif for those feline admirers. For those patriotic tart burners, there's a simmer pot in the red, white and blue theme too.

Is it safe to use an electric fragrancer around my pets?

Using An Electric Home Fragrancer Safely Around Pets

When you share your home with pets you sometimes need to take extra precautions that items we bring into the home are just as safe for them as for us. Here are a couple of tips for using an electric home fragrancer in your house when you have pets. Chances are if you have pets you probably use some type of deodorizer to ensure your house doesn't begin to take on any distinct pet odors. While candles can be dangerous around some pets, such as cats that like to jump up and might knock over a burning candle, an electric home fragrancer is safe in most cases. You will want to ensure that there is adequate ventilation for the fragrancer and never keep a pet in a small, unventilated room with an electric home fragrancer. Small pets, such as birds or hamsters, can be especially sensitive to strong scents. If you do use an electric home fragrancer and you have this type of pet make sure to plug the fragrancer in as far away from the pet's habitat as possible. Also, try to purchase a fragrancer that allows you to adjust the strength of the scent and have it on either low or medium strength only.

I'd love to have an electric simmer pot in my cubical at work but there just isn't room. Is there anything smaller on the market?

The Scent Ball: The Low Profile Electric Home Fragrancer

Many electric home fragrancers can seem bulky if space is limited. If you're in cramped quarters try using a scent ball instead of a traditional home fragrancer. A scent ball electric home fragrancer simply plugs into any electrical outlet. You add a few drops of essential oil to one of the cotton pads and insert the pad into the scent ball. Now the fragrance is slowly released into the air through this discreet scent ball. The best part of this type of electric home fragrancer is that you are in total control of the type of scent you enjoy. Because you place the drops of oil on the pad, you can mix scents to create any fragrance you want. It's like having hundreds of regular air fresheners in one. Here are some recipes to try: • To relax try 5 drops Chamomile and 2 drops Lavender • For a boost of energy try 2 drops Basil, 1 drop Cypress and 2 drops Grapefruit • For happiness try 3 drops Bergamot, 1 drop Ylang Ylang, and 1 drop Grapefruit

I'm thinking of buying a candle warmer. Are they all the same?

A Look At Various Candle Warmers

Candle warmers, hot plate-like devices that melt candles without an open flame, are becoming very popular. The most basic candle warmers resemble a coffee mug warmer and are little more than a hot plate that plugs in. They heat the candles from the bottom up but apply no heat to the sides of the candle jar. This means it may take some time for the scent to be released from the candle. They are less expensive than other models and if all you want is a slight fragrance in the air these basic candle warmers may just do the trick. More advanced candle warmers actually allow the candle to sit inside them. Resembling a mini deep fryer, these candle warmers are 6.5 inches tall and have a 4.25 inch wide opening to fit any standard sized jar candle. Because these warmers engulf the entire jar scent is released from warming both the sides and bottom of the candle. Scent is released quicker with this method.

I love candles but can't burn them in my office. Are there any options to get my scent fix?

Safe Scents With an Electric Fragrancer

For those who love the soothing scents of candles but either can't or shouldn't have an open flame, try using an electric fragrancer as a safe alternative. An electric fragrancer gives off scent by electricity when plugged into a wall, as opposed to traditional candles that use flame. For spaces such as dorm rooms, offices, or homes with small children using an electric fragrancer is much safer than having an open flame. Put the candles away and plug in the safer alternative. An electric fragrancer would make an ideal gift for an elderly person either in a retirement home, or who may forget to put out a lit candle. It's well known that certain scents can promote appetite, stimulates memory and give a sense of well-being. An electric fragrancer can stimulate the appetite, memory or well-being through scent without the risk of fire from an open flame.

I love scented candles but sometimes burning them bothers my breathing. Is there an option to candles where I can still enjoy my favorite scents?

Breathing Easy With An Electric Fragrance Device

Traditionally, people turn to candles in order to enjoy a delicious scent in their homes, but what about those that can't burn candles? An electric fragrance device might be the answer for those who, due to breathing problems such as asthma, might not be able to enjoy a scented candle. For those with asthma, anything that puts even small amounts of impurities in the air might trigger an attack. Since some candles do put small amounts of soot and other elements into the air, a cleaner, electric fragrance device could be an excellent alternative to scenting a home without worrying about causing those with asthma to suffer. Strong scents can sometimes irritate the respiratory tract of those who have severe allergies. Since some electric fragrance devices allow you to control how much scent is released a setting on low may allow for a light fragrance in the air without overpowering those who have scent related allergies.

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