The Aromatherapy Ring

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Are there any inconspicuous electric fragrancers I can use for my office?

The Aromatherapy Ring

Do you want to add fragrance to the air but not with candles or traditional electric fragrance product? Try the simple terra cotta aromatherapy lamp ring to scent your home. These little rings fit around any standard light bulbs in your lamps and hold essential oil that you drop in the ring. When the lamp is turned on the heat from the light bulb warms the oil and releases the fragrance. This is perfect for those who can't burn candles or in an office where obvious electric fragrance products might get in the way. The strength of the scent can be controlled by how much oil you place in the ring. For a light scent start with eight drops—you can always add more later. Also, don't be afraid to experiment and blend scents to create your own favorites. • To reduce stress try 6 drops Clary Sage, 2 drop Lemon and 2 drop Lavender • To reduce irritability try 6 drops Mandarin and 4 drops Lavender This method of electric fragrance is perfect for the energy conscious and those who care about the environment. You don't need to use any more electricity than what you already were to power your lamp and using pure essential oils is a natural way to fragrance your home without chemicals.



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