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I love blending my own scents. Is there a way to do this with candle tarts?

Blending Your Own Scents With Candle Tarts

Tired of the same old scents from your candle tarts? Try blending scents together to create your own new fragrances. Because you can fit a few small candle tarts in a tart warmer at the same time try mixing two scents together, such as strawberry and a lemon scents for a strawberry lemonade fragrance. Another one to try is blending cinnamon with an orange scent or a coconut with a pineapple or lime fragrance. The possibilities really are endless. For a harmonious blend try keeping blended scents in the same scent family. Floral scents usually go well with other floral scents and fruit or food fragrances usually blend well. Two strong scents may end up battle it out instead of blending so some experimentation may be required. Don't forget to write down which candle tarts you put into your tart warmer so that if you like it you'll be able to duplicate it.

What scents should I use for my candle tarts to set a relaxing or romantic mood?

The Right Candle Tarts For The Occasion

Because candle tarts can be blended to create customized scents use this to your advantage to set the stage. The right fragrance in the air can put people in a festive mood or calm you after a stressful day. Candle tarts for a party: • ½ a tart of Macintosh apple and ½ of Tangerine and Peach. The fruity scents will liven up the crowd, especially in summer. • Jellybean- ½ a tart of Grapefruit and ½ a tart of Cucumber and Cantaloupe. This delicious scent will perk up your guests. Serve bowls of jellybeans for fun. Candle tarts for a relaxing evening: • ½ a tart of Hazelnut Coffee and ½ a tart of French Vanilla. Curl up with a homemade specialty coffee, a good book and this soothing scent in the background. Candle tarts for a romantic evening: • ½ a tart of Midsummer nights and ½ a tart of Plumeria. This sensual blend will set the mood for love. Melt these tarts while you have a hot bubble bath for two.

I'm planning on making my own candle tarts. What types of neat molds are out there?

Choosing A Decorative Candle Tart Mold

When making candle tarts there are a wide range of candle tart molds to choose from. Some are very basic cube shapes but for those who like to do things with flair there are many more decorative options to choose from. Round molds with scalloped edges make the candle tarts look like little flowers when finished and are very easy to find. Delicate mini heart or leaf molds are available. The heart ones are perfect to scent with cinnamon for cinnamon heart tarts or a soft, romantic scent for Valentine's Day or a romantic evening. A small, round candle tart mold would be perfect for making chocolate truffle tarts. Use chocolate truffle fragrance oil and color the tarts a dark brown to make them look like truffles. Then place them in a small box and either keep them all to yourself or give as a gift. Just remember to let them know those little treats are for melting, not eating.

Are there any other uses for candle tarts besides melting them?

Candle Tarts As Drawer Sachets

Little wax candle tarts can be versatile little things. Instead of melting all your tarts away in your tart warmer, why not use some as scent sachets for drawers or closets? To make your own scent sachet, either purchase a small muslin or other very lightweight bag. Take a few small sized candle tarts and fill the bag with them. Make sure the bag closes tightly to keep the tarts inside so the wax doesn't rub off on your clothing. If you're worried about the bag opening, take a piece of ribbon and tie the top of the bag tightly. Now place the sachet filled with candle tarts in a drawer or hang from a clothes hanger in your closet and enjoy sweetly scented clothing. Just remember—if you share a closet with a man you may want to keep any “girly” scented sachets out of there or go with a very neutral scent.

I love scented tarts but I'm getting tired of the same old shapes. Are there different shapes besides round or square candle tarts?

Unique Candle Tarts

Most candle tarts are fairly simplistic in design but for those who love added detail try one of these unique candle tarts in your burner. The cookie candle tart looks, well, just like a cookie. These cookies come in a variety of different cookie types and smell just as they look. The vanilla cookies are vanilla scented and the fudge cookies are fragranced with a rich chocolate aroma. For themed occasions why not melt candle tarts that are in keeping with the event. For a baby shower try candle tarts in the shape of baby booties, baby feet or teddy bears. If you want to freshen up the air during the big game melt some football shaped tarts in a neutral or masculine scent that the guys won't mind.

What kind of candle tarts are the best and how do you tell a good candle tart from a bad one before buying?

How To Recognize Quality Candle Tarts

It can be difficult to know quality candle tarts when you see them. Here are a few tips to help you spot the goodies from the baddies. How do they feel? Candle tarts with a lot of fragrance oil in them should have a slightly greasy feel to them. The more fragrance oil in your tarts the stronger they will smell when melting. Feeling them is one thing, but recognizing quality just by looks is another matter. Candle tarts can be made from paraffin wax or soy wax; either is fine. Pure soy wax candle tarts should have a creamy appearance to them, but may have a frosted appearance if it is a blend of soy and palm wax. Blending is not a bad thing but if you're a purist you may want to make sure your soy candle tarts is 100 percent soy. Paraffin waxes usually smooth and opaque but can have a mottled appearance, depending on the type of wax. Again, either is fine and one doesn't suggest better quality over the other. The truest way to tell quality is to melt them. It is often said that soy wax products last longer due to their lower melting points. Pay attention to how long your paraffin and soy tarts last to see which one is the better value.

I want to make my own candle tarts. What can I use as a candle tart mold?

Choosing A Safe Candle Tart Mold

When selecting a candle tart mold be sure that what you choose is rated for use with hot wax. The wax you pour into your molds will be upwards of 175-180 degrees Fahrenheit so a flimsy receptacle just won't do. Molds should be made from metal or a heat resistant rubber. Molds made especially as a candle tart mold from a reputable supplier will be heat resistant enough to be used with hot wax. If you want to save some money, you can use a mini muffin tin as a candle tart mold but it can sometimes be difficult to get the tarts out of the molds once they've cooled. If this is the case, put the tarts in the freezer for 10 minutes and then give the molds a tap. The tarts should pop right out. If you really have difficulty with a certain candle tart mold releasing your tarts try using a spray on release agent before pouring your tarts next time.

Are there any crafts that I can make using candle tarts?

Flower Wreaths With Candle Tarts

Floral wreaths always add a touch of natural, country charm to a décor. To make your floral wreaths do double duty, why not make one with the addition of scented candle tarts? This way your wreath looks great and acts as an air freshener as well. To make your own wreath from scratch, purchase dried flowers and a grapevine wreath or swag from a local craft supply store. You'll also need a hot glue gun, glue sticks and some candle tarts. Cover a table with newspaper and have all your supplies at hand. Now cut your dried flowers to the desired lengths. Slowly begin gluing your dried flowers to your wreath in a pattern you find appealing. Creativity is the key here and you can add as many or as few flowers to your wreath as you wish. Now glue at least a half dozen scented candle tarts to the wreath, spreading them out for symmetry. For a really interesting twist, choose scented candle tarts in the same scent as the dried flowers you have chosen. Try using dried Eucalyptus and similarly scented tarts, or dried roses with a rose scented tart.

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