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I'm a crafty person and want to make my own wedding centerpieces. Do you have any ideas besides just a boring candle and floral ring?

Make Your Own Wedding Candle Centerpiece

To save some money on your wedding decorations, here's an easy wedding candle centerpiece that you can make yourself. It will look beautiful and can be put together quite quickly. For your wedding candle centerpiece you will need: • Clear glass bowls • Floating candles • Real or acetate rose petals Fill each glass bowl with water and add the floating candles. It's best to fit as many of the floating candles into the bowl as possible (try at least three or four). Your floating candles can be white or the colors from your wedding or the same color as the rose petals. Next, sprinkle in the rose petals. Be sure to also sprinkle rose petals on the tables around your wedding candle centerpiece for that added touch. While you can use real rose petals, faux ones are most likely cheaper and you won't have to worry about them wilting throughout the night.

I love candles and want to give them away as favors at my wedding but I hate boring candles. Are there any unique wedding candles I can use for favors out there?

Unique Wedding Candles

For those who want something different in their wedding candles try the “perfect pair” candles. Two candles in the shape of small pears can be placed in a clear plastic box. Decorate the box with organza ribbon and attach a small tag with your names and date. This perfect pair is a very popular choice due to the cute play on words and originality of these wedding candles. Keeping in the theme of cut food, try giving your guests chocolate scented wedding candles in the shape of small chocolates. These little favors come in an assorted variety of faux chocolate candles and sit in a small, gold colored base. These wedding candles would look perfect placed in small organza bags in your wedding colors. If you're having a sea side wedding, no wedding candles would be more appropriate than miniature sea shell wedding candles. Tiny sea shells have candles poured into them and are complete with a small wick. Sprinkle a few of these on the guests' tables and give each guest a small fisherman style bag of these to take home.

What is a unity candle and what types are out there?

A Ceremony With The Wedding Unity Candle

The wedding unity candle ceremony involves three candles, two small candles on either side of one large candle. The symbolism of this ceremony involves two separate lit candles, which are the lives of the bride and groom. From each candle the bride and groom take the flame and, together, light the middle candle to symbolize the joining of their lives. Unity candles are available in a large variety of styles, from plain to very elaborate. For those who love details, try a set of unity candles with Calla Lilies or Roses sculpted on the surface. These candles are usually more expensive than the simpler ones but do add a beautiful touch to the wedding unity candle ceremony. If your wedding is a themed wedding check to see if a wedding unity candle is available in your theme. For a beach themed wedding use a wedding unity candle with Silver Star fish embossed on them. For a more decorative candle choose one with a lattice pearl design or delicate flowers on the surface. These wedding unity candles may cost a bit more but will be worth it for their beauty.

My fiance and I are having a Chinese themed wedding. What are our options as far as Chinese type candles for the wedding favors?

Asian-Themed Wedding Favors

If you're having an Asian-themed wedding you'll want to have wedding favors that are in keeping with the theme. For really inexpensive wedding favors choose a small gift, such as a set of three tea lights or a votive candle, and wrap them in Chinese style fabric. Tie the bundle with thin, gold colored string and an elegant tag. For that added touch, find a faux jade bead and attach it to the parcel. If you want the same type of look but don't want to have to do all that wrapping, buy small, Asian-infused fabric gift boxes. These are very elegant and you can fit anything from candy, tea leaves, or tea light candles inside. For really cute wedding favors, get mini Chinese food take-out boxes and fill them with whatever you want. These come in a huge variety of colors, so you can match your wedding colors if you'd like. Depending on how fancy you want your take-out boxes, you can spend as little as .50 cents per box, up to $2.50 each for frosted boxes.

Can you help us with ideas for wedding favors for our upcoming summer wedding?

Potted Candle Favors

If you're looking for inexpensive and cute candle favors try giving your guests votive candles planted in miniature terra cotta pots. Mini terra cotta pots can be found at any craft store and are inexpensive. To personalize your pots get some craft paint and stencils. A stencil of a heart or dove would be perfect. Try using a metallic gold or silver paint and carefully stencil your picture onto the pots. You'll also want to put your names and the wedding date on your candle favors. If you don't have the room to paint these on the pots, try using a metallic pen and fancy name tags that you can attach to the favors. To seal the pots you'll want to put on a layer of clear acrylic paint to seal and protect your candle favors. Now find votive candles in white that will fit into the terra cotta pots. The best scents for the candles are either vanilla or a light fragrance. You can further decorate the candle favors with ribbon or tulle around the mini pots.

We want to make our own wedding favors and incorporate votives into them. Any ideas?

Wedding Bell Candle Favors

To make your own wedding bell candle favors find some votive candles, perhaps in the colors of your wedding, and some small glass candle holders. Place the candles in the holders and cover the opening of the holder with white tulle. Now tie the tulle with ribbon at the bottom of the holders. When you turn these upside down they will resemble wedding bells. Now attach a wedding tag with your names and wedding date to the candle favors with ribbon. Tags can be simple rectangle shaped or in fancy hearts or star shaped. Use a metallic pen in silver or gold to put the information on. The fragrance of the candles might be determined by the color you choose. Try to choose a color that corresponds with a scent that would be suitable. For instance, a pink candle with a scent of roses, peaches or grapefruit would be great for summer. Try to avoid scents, such as Christmas scents in the summer, which just won't suit the occasion. If you're worried about color and scent of your candle favors not working with the occasion, stick to white or off white candles with a scent of vanilla or a light lily of the valley fragrance.

I want candle centerpieces at my wedding tables but I also want them to be colorful. Is there a way to do this that's not expensive or really hard to create?

A Potpourri Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Add a splash of color to your wedding candle centerpiece by combining a candle and potpourri in your table centerpieces. Specifically designed glass cylinders can be purchased that will hold potpourri in the bottom of the container and have a separate insert that sits at the top of the cylinder and holds a votive. Available in a set of three different sized cylinders, these wedding candle centerpieces will add a soft glow to your wedding tables and add color via the potpourri. Choose potpourri and candles to match your wedding colors for that perfect added detail. If you want wedding candle centerpieces minus the candles you can always display a larger glass bowl and just use the potpourri inside. Choose either one color for the whole centerpiece of layer colors. This is perfect if your wedding has two colors to its theme or you can layer white with your one wedding color if you wish.

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