Make Your Own Wedding Candle Centerpiece

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I'm a crafty person and want to make my own wedding centerpieces. Do you have any ideas besides just a boring candle and floral ring?

Make Your Own Wedding Candle Centerpiece

To save some money on your wedding decorations, here's an easy wedding candle centerpiece that you can make yourself. It will look beautiful and can be put together quite quickly. For your wedding candle centerpiece you will need: • Clear glass bowls • Floating candles • Real or acetate rose petals Fill each glass bowl with water and add the floating candles. It's best to fit as many of the floating candles into the bowl as possible (try at least three or four). Your floating candles can be white or the colors from your wedding or the same color as the rose petals. Next, sprinkle in the rose petals. Be sure to also sprinkle rose petals on the tables around your wedding candle centerpiece for that added touch. While you can use real rose petals, faux ones are most likely cheaper and you won't have to worry about them wilting throughout the night.



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