Wedding Bell Candle Favors

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We want to make our own wedding favors and incorporate votives into them. Any ideas?

Wedding Bell Candle Favors

To make your own wedding bell candle favors find some votive candles, perhaps in the colors of your wedding, and some small glass candle holders. Place the candles in the holders and cover the opening of the holder with white tulle. Now tie the tulle with ribbon at the bottom of the holders. When you turn these upside down they will resemble wedding bells. Now attach a wedding tag with your names and wedding date to the candle favors with ribbon. Tags can be simple rectangle shaped or in fancy hearts or star shaped. Use a metallic pen in silver or gold to put the information on. The fragrance of the candles might be determined by the color you choose. Try to choose a color that corresponds with a scent that would be suitable. For instance, a pink candle with a scent of roses, peaches or grapefruit would be great for summer. Try to avoid scents, such as Christmas scents in the summer, which just won't suit the occasion. If you're worried about color and scent of your candle favors not working with the occasion, stick to white or off white candles with a scent of vanilla or a light lily of the valley fragrance.



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