Asian-Themed Wedding Favors

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My fiance and I are having a Chinese themed wedding. What are our options as far as Chinese type candles for the wedding favors?

Asian-Themed Wedding Favors

If you're having an Asian-themed wedding you'll want to have wedding favors that are in keeping with the theme. For really inexpensive wedding favors choose a small gift, such as a set of three tea lights or a votive candle, and wrap them in Chinese style fabric. Tie the bundle with thin, gold colored string and an elegant tag. For that added touch, find a faux jade bead and attach it to the parcel. If you want the same type of look but don't want to have to do all that wrapping, buy small, Asian-infused fabric gift boxes. These are very elegant and you can fit anything from candy, tea leaves, or tea light candles inside. For really cute wedding favors, get mini Chinese food take-out boxes and fill them with whatever you want. These come in a huge variety of colors, so you can match your wedding colors if you'd like. Depending on how fancy you want your take-out boxes, you can spend as little as .50 cents per box, up to $2.50 each for frosted boxes.



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