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What can I give my friend that really loves candles?

A Candle Gift Idea For The Candle Lover

Do you know someone who just can't get enough candles? Many candle companies have the ultimate gift idea for just such people. It's called a candle of the month club membership and it's the candle gift that keeps on giving. Signing up someone you love, or even yourself, into a candle of the month club will ensure that you always have a supply of candles coming in during your membership. Each month a new shipment of candles will come straight to the recipient's door. Each month will be a new candle scent so the recipient gets to experience new fragrances they might otherwise not have tried. This candle gift idea is great for those that burn candles on a very regular basis. Do your homework to see which company offers the candle of the month club that will suit your needs best. Some send only candles, some send candles and a candle holder each month. If you or your recipient only burns votives or pillars look for clubs that offer these types of candles exclusively. Then the only other decision to make is how long you want to enroll your loved one into the club. Most companies offer a three, six, nine or twelve month membership. So if you're looking for a candle gift idea for the candle lover you know, consider a candle of the month club membership.

I want to buy a personized candle gift. What's available?

Add A Personal Touch With A Custom Candle Gift Set

Getting personal is the key to great gift giving. Show you care by giving a custom made, personalized candle gift set for any occasion. For that special someone, or a dear friend, a personalized candle gift set with an engraved candle holder will remind them of you for years to come. The candle can come wrapped with a custom message just from you and the candle holder can be engraved with the same message or a completely different one. For those who like to give thank you gifts to their clients, try gifting your valued customers with a custom candle gift set. Your customers will be touched by your thoughtfulness, and the gift can contain your name and contact information on it for future use. A gift like this will make a bigger impact, and likely get more repeat business, than a simple business card or flowers. If you have someone on your gift list that loves to be pampered, indulge them with a custom bath and candle gift set that contains both scented candles and soothing bath products. Many companies will let you choose your candles, type of soap and other bath goodies to create a gift set just for your recipient.

What are some good gifts besides food gift baskets?

The Non-Fat Candle Gift Basket

The candle gift basket is low on calories but big on enjoyment. If you're considering buying a gift basket try a candle gift basket instead of the traditional food ones. For a candle lover, nothing is better than a candle gift basket filled with a variety of scented candles. The variety of candle baskets is almost endless. Some have candle holders and other goodies such as scented teddy bears or classical music CDs as well. For a relaxing evening a basket with soothing music, some candles and a couple of champagne flutes is the perfect gift. A word of caution- thought you probably won't find this from professional gift basket makers, never purchase gift baskets that have both candles and chocolate in them. Chocolate will absorb the scent of the candles and be tainted. For those that just can't get enough candles try a basket filled with just candles. Try for a variety of sizes, such as one jar candle and several votives or tea light candles. Some will come with only one scent while others may offer a variety of scents. Candle gift baskets are also perfect for those who are on dietary restrictions. Anyone on a diet, diabetic or with allergies would probably appreciate deliciously smelling candles instead of a basket filled with treats they couldn't eat.

What are some types of candle gift sets?

Aromatherapy Candle Gift Sets

For centuries, aromatherapy has been used to ease everything from stress to upset stomachs. For the candle lover on your list try giving them an aromatherapy candle gift set in one of many varieties. For those who are under a lot of stress try an aromatherapy candle gift set in Lavender, Patchouli, or Lemongrass. To give someone a boost of energy each time they light their candles try scents such as Basil, Peppermint or Rosemary. For someone who seems sad and needs a pick-me-up try and aromatherapy candle gift set with a Grapefruit, Clary Sage or Orange scent. When choosing an aromatherapy candle gift set be sure to check if the candles are truly scented with essential oils. Only candles that give off the fragrance of 100% pure essential oils can be true aromatherapy candles. The essential oils have properties that are not present in synthetic fragrances. So to ensure you or your gift recipient receives all the benefits of the aromatherapy candle gift set make sure to ask if they are scents with pure essential oils before buying.

What are some unique candle gifts?

Finding Unique Candle Gifts

If you hate giving ordinary gifts, and have a candle lover to buy for, try searching for unique candles gifts that aren't just your ordinary pillars or votives. If you know someone who loves animals try giving them an animal shaped candle. You can get candle gifts in such critter shapes as pigs, cats and dogs and are both cute and function as a real candle. These are great for cat and dog owners—and pig owners, too. Someone who loves the ocean, or just useful items used in extraordinary ways, might like a sea shell oil candle. Actual, large sea shells are made into oil candles by having the upper chamber closed off and filled with oil. Though this type of candle probably won't give off scent, it will be a great conversation piece and perfect for those who prefer candle gifts for their glow and not their fragrance. Speaking of fragrance, some candles do more than just give off scent—they help eliminate them. Odor busting candles can eliminate the smell of smoking, strong cooking odors and pet smells. Unlike regularly scented candles that simply put another fragrance in the air, odor eliminating candles are specifically designed to neutralize unpleasant smells in the air. Great for smokers, those with multiple pets or do a lot of cooking.

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