Finding Unique Candle Gifts

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What are some unique candle gifts?

Finding Unique Candle Gifts

If you hate giving ordinary gifts, and have a candle lover to buy for, try searching for unique candles gifts that aren't just your ordinary pillars or votives. If you know someone who loves animals try giving them an animal shaped candle. You can get candle gifts in such critter shapes as pigs, cats and dogs and are both cute and function as a real candle. These are great for cat and dog owners—and pig owners, too. Someone who loves the ocean, or just useful items used in extraordinary ways, might like a sea shell oil candle. Actual, large sea shells are made into oil candles by having the upper chamber closed off and filled with oil. Though this type of candle probably won't give off scent, it will be a great conversation piece and perfect for those who prefer candle gifts for their glow and not their fragrance. Speaking of fragrance, some candles do more than just give off scent—they help eliminate them. Odor busting candles can eliminate the smell of smoking, strong cooking odors and pet smells. Unlike regularly scented candles that simply put another fragrance in the air, odor eliminating candles are specifically designed to neutralize unpleasant smells in the air. Great for smokers, those with multiple pets or do a lot of cooking.



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