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I blew my candle out the other day on my brand new wood coffee table. I now have dried wax everywhere. Could you please tell me how to get it out?

Getting Wax Off a Wood Coffee Table

When you blow a candle out and the candle's wax drips onto your wood coffee table, the best thing you can do is let the wax dry before doing anything. Once the it is dry, apply ice to to the wax, which will make it extremely hard and brittle. Then, you can simply scrape the wax off with a plastic spatula. Because you want the wood surface to stay nice, you should polish the table with a cream polish making sure the wax hasn't left any residue.

I like the Idea of Potpourri but hate the mess of potpourri burners and don’t like how it looks in a bowl. Are there any other products that do the same thing?

An Easier Potpourri Home Fragrancer

Some people love the look of a bowl full of dried potpourri as much as they love the smell. This isn't always the case, though, and if you just want the scent of this home fragrancer without the bowl of dried flowers try displaying a bowl of potpourri beads instead. These tiny, pearlized resin beads are infused with fragrance and act just like potpourri. You can set them out in a decorative bowl and they'll act as any home fragrancer, scenting the air around them.
These little beads are also perfect for making your own sachets or car fresheners. Simply take a small organza bag and fill it with the beads. This is a lot less mess than traditional potpourri but with all the same great fragrance.

I want to keep mosquitoes away but hate the smell of citronella. Is there a good smelling candle that will help?

Outdoor Home Fragrance: The Better Citronella Candle

For years people have had one scent choice when trying to keep mosquitoes at bay. While citronella can be effective, it's not often the best smelling candle. Now you can have it both ways; a great smelling candle and some protection from those nasty biting insects. There are now home fragrance candles on the market that have combined the scent and effect of citronella with other great smelling scents. Available in jar candles, pillars, tea lights and tarts, you now have a multitude of choices in your outdoor home fragrance candles. Not only do they help you enjoy the outdoor but they look much better than a plain, yellow candle.
Choose your outdoor home fragrance from such yummy scents as Garden Spice, Garden Green Herb, Garden Sunny Blooms and Garden Wild Berry—all with a hint of citronella. Now doesn't that sound better than old yellow?

Is there a way to fragrance a room without candles or using anything that needs to be plugged in?

Hassle Free Scents With A Home Air Fragrance Diffuser

Sometimes burning a candle or plugging in a tart warmer just isn't feasible. If you're looking for a safe and low tech way to fragrance a room try a simple home air fragrance diffuser.
The home air fragrance diffuser consists of a ceramic or glass jar that contains fragrance oil and a set of long stick-like reeds. By opening the jar and placing the reeds into it, the reeds wick up the scented oil and release it into the room. There's no open flame to worry about and no need for electricity. Just set it somewhere that it won't get tipped over and let this simple little home fragrance product do its job.
This type of home air fragrance item is perfect for the office, retirement homes or dorm rooms where open flames aren't allowed. Also try them in a sun room or gazebo where electricity isn't available. To rejuvenate the scents just reverse the sticks.

What are popular Clair Burke home fragrance products?

Popular Home Fragrance Products

One of the more popular home fragrance product lines feature crisp and clean scents, including lemon peels or ocean breeze.
For an instant infusion of home fragrance simply mist a room with your favorite scent before guests arrive, or if you need a quick cover-up from a kitch or pet odor.
A home fragrance diffuser is another alternative to regular room fresheners. The designs diffuse fragrance oil through a clay or metal ring, which heats the fragrance to scent your entire room.
For those who love potpourri, simply fill a decorative glass bowl with some fragranced potpourri.

Can I get the yummy smell of baking without having to bake?

Home Fragrance Candles From The Kitchen

If you love the smell of fresh baked cakes and pies but hate the work involved, candle makers have found a way to make your nose happy with "baking" candles. These scents are fragranced with the smell of angel food cake, chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. You get all the fragrance without any of the calories. Light a peach pie candle and feel like you just spent an hour in the kitchen baking but without another hour of clean up to go.
These home fragrancers are perfect when you're selling your house - just plug them in and let the smell of your home frangrancer warm your home.

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