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My sister collects things with dragonflies on them. Are there any candle accessories with dragonflies?

Dragonfly Themed Votive Candle Holders

Dragonfly themed décor is very popular and always a sure sign that spring and summer are on the way. Try adding some votive candle holders with beautiful dragonflies in your home or on the patio in honor of those warmer days to come. Simple glass votive candle holders, or votive cups, fit a votive candle perfectly and can be placed almost anywhere. With a delicate dragonfly or flowers etched on the glass these little votive holders are decorative and go with almost any décor. If you want a votive candle holder with a little more style to it, try a mini lamp style glass votive holder. These are perfect to put on display on a patio table or in a gazebo on those warm summer nights. Looking for a housewarming or hostess gift? Try giving two of these types of votive candle holders and a few votives in a summer fragrance. Almost every home burns scented candles so chances are you're recipient will love this gift. Not only will these votive holders be decorative but useful too.

Is there a right and wrong way to burn votive candles?

How To Properly Burn Votive Candles

Like any fire, burning votive candles needs to be done with care to avoid potential hazards. Here are some tips for safely burning votive candles:
• Always burn votive candles in a snug fitting candle holder—never place on a plate or other flat surface because votives will liquefy completely.
• Before lighting the candle check for hairline fractures or cracks in the candle holder. Never burn a candle in a damaged holder. • Before burning votive candles, place a drop or two of water in the bottom of the candle holder. This should make releasing any left over wax from the bottom of the holder much easier.
• Keep candles out of the reach of children. Be sure to burn candles on a high shelf and keep unlit candles and matches stored away from children as well.

I need to buy a lot of candle holders for an event. Is there a way to buy them wholesale and save money?

How To Buy Wholesale Votive Candle Holders

Traditionally, wholesale products are sold only to retailers who run their own business. If you want to purchase wholesale votive candle holders chances are you'll need to be a registered business with a tax ID or some sort of business license. If you are a business you'll most likely be eligible to buy wholesale votive candle holders but be aware that there will likely be a minimum order amount that you'll need to spend on each order. Wholesalers buy in very large quantities and they want to sell in large quantities as well. You may have to buy cases of candle holders at a time, which is good if you are buying for a business, but not so great for personal use. If a company does let you purchase wholesale votive candle holders from them, without being a business, you'll still have to buy in quantity to get any great savings. This is fine if you can go in on an order with some friends or you need a large quantity for a wedding or event but if you're only buying one or two the best thing to do is compare prices. A company's wholesale prices might be just as much or more than retail candle holders from your local department store.

My friend has an Oriental themed decor. What types of candl holders could I buy her that would fit in?

Have A Touch Of The Orient With Chinese Style Votive Holders

If you just want a little touch of the orient in your décor try adding Orient-inspired votive holders. For those who love the whimsical, a frosted glass votive holder in the shape of a Chinese take-out box will be sure to draw attention. Complete with tiny metal handles, these detailed votive holders emit a soft glow that's great for formal occasions or quiet, romantic evenings at home. For unique table centerpieces at a wedding, these little cuties would be remembered for years to come. Looking for an unusual wedding favor? These votives holders would be perfect for you guests to “take-out” with them. For more relaxed decors a pair of rustic Chinese lantern votive holders will blend in perfectly. These mini lanterns will suit both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for decks or patios, these little lanterns can be hung off of strong string or place Sheppard's hooks throughout a garden. For a more contemporary style try some frosted Kyoto lanterns. Very simple and elegant, just add a votive, light and enjoy the soft, warm glow.

I have a contemporary decor. What types of candle holders will work best?

Matching a Votive Candle Holder To Your Décor

Details are what make a décor. When burning votives make an impression by having your votive candle holder match your room's décor. For an elegant or formal setting try glass candle holders with intricate designs. These delicate and pretty votive candle holders will be right at home with crown moldings and Queen Anne chairs. If only the best will do try crystal candle holders to really make a statement. If your décor is contemporary try a set of white bronze votive candle holders. A set of three in different heights will make a beautiful grouping on a coffee table or large shelf. For a modern and colorful look try a mosaic or stained glass type of candle holder. For the country or rustic look try a wrought iron wall sconce or votive candle holder. This type of holder will also fit in with Mexican and Southwestern decors.

My home is decorated in a shabby/country theme. Are there candles that will fit in with this decor?

A Touch of Country With Grubby Votive Candles

If you love country or primitive décor why not make your candles fit right in with the scenery? Grubby votives are votive candles that have been created from rubber candle molds that cause the outer surface of the candles to have a “dripping” or textured appearance. This dimpling effect gives the candles a rustic look which fits right in with country décor. To decorate with grubby votive candles pair them with country style, rustic or primitive type candle holders. Try wrought iron votive holders or wall sconces with simple glass holders for a clean, country look. Vintage, punched tin wall sconces are a great background for grubby votives. You will want to place the votives in a snug fitting glass holder first and then place the holder on the sconce for proper burning. For a simpler and cute country look, seek out painted votive holders with typical country graphics on them. Just be sure they'll fit your grubby votive candles as these tend to be a little wider than traditional votive candles.

What kinds of votive holders are out there that aren't the same old round ones?

Unique Holders For Votives

Want something different from the same, boring candle holders? Try using peppers for your votives. Choose peppers that are large enough to fit a glass votive holder. Also make sure that the peppers are uniform in shape and as square as possible so they will be sturdier. The stem end of the pepper will be the base of the candle holder. Cut the stems off so it is even with the rest of the peppers. Now turn the pepper over and cut one inch off the opposite end. You'll now want to scoop out all the membranes and seeds, being careful not to tear the peppers. The peppers are now ready for the votives. Gently twist them into place and test them for stability before lighting. These are so cute and great as a centerpiece for an informal dinner or outdoor meal.

I'm having a patio party and want to put out candles. Is there any way to spruce up my boring old votive holders?

Husky Holders For Your Votives

If you love different and unique try using dried corn husks to decorate your votives. Corn husks can be bought at craft stores and usually have a beautiful, delicate coloring to them. They're perfect for those romantic meals on a hot summer's night. To make corn husk covered holders for you votives you will need:
• A cutting mat
• Utility knife
• A ruler
• Dried corn husks
• Votive holders
• Scented votives
• Double sided tape
• Ribbon
• Scissors
On your utility mat, cut the widest part of the corn husks to match the height of your votive holders. Apply your double sided tape about a ¼ inch from bottom of the votive holder. Press on two or three of the corn husk pieces, overlapping their edges to cover the entire holder. Finish off by tying a ribbon around the votive holder. Now place your votives in the holder but be sure to trim the wick short and keep it short. Dried corn husks will burn easily so keep a close eye on your flame. Some great summer scented votives are Cucumber and Cantaloupe, Fresh Peach, and Island Mango.

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