Dragonfly Themed Votive Candle Holders

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My sister collects things with dragonflies on them. Are there any candle accessories with dragonflies?

Dragonfly Themed Votive Candle Holders

Dragonfly themed décor is very popular and always a sure sign that spring and summer are on the way. Try adding some votive candle holders with beautiful dragonflies in your home or on the patio in honor of those warmer days to come. Simple glass votive candle holders, or votive cups, fit a votive candle perfectly and can be placed almost anywhere. With a delicate dragonfly or flowers etched on the glass these little votive holders are decorative and go with almost any décor. If you want a votive candle holder with a little more style to it, try a mini lamp style glass votive holder. These are perfect to put on display on a patio table or in a gazebo on those warm summer nights. Looking for a housewarming or hostess gift? Try giving two of these types of votive candle holders and a few votives in a summer fragrance. Almost every home burns scented candles so chances are you're recipient will love this gift. Not only will these votive holders be decorative but useful too.



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