Matching a Votive Candle Holder To Your Décor

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I have a contemporary decor. What types of candle holders will work best?

Matching a Votive Candle Holder To Your Décor

Details are what make a décor. When burning votives make an impression by having your votive candle holder match your room's décor. For an elegant or formal setting try glass candle holders with intricate designs. These delicate and pretty votive candle holders will be right at home with crown moldings and Queen Anne chairs. If only the best will do try crystal candle holders to really make a statement. If your décor is contemporary try a set of white bronze votive candle holders. A set of three in different heights will make a beautiful grouping on a coffee table or large shelf. For a modern and colorful look try a mosaic or stained glass type of candle holder. For the country or rustic look try a wrought iron wall sconce or votive candle holder. This type of holder will also fit in with Mexican and Southwestern decors.



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