How To Buy Wholesale Votive Candle Holders

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I need to buy a lot of candle holders for an event. Is there a way to buy them wholesale and save money?

How To Buy Wholesale Votive Candle Holders

Traditionally, wholesale products are sold only to retailers who run their own business. If you want to purchase wholesale votive candle holders chances are you'll need to be a registered business with a tax ID or some sort of business license. If you are a business you'll most likely be eligible to buy wholesale votive candle holders but be aware that there will likely be a minimum order amount that you'll need to spend on each order. Wholesalers buy in very large quantities and they want to sell in large quantities as well. You may have to buy cases of candle holders at a time, which is good if you are buying for a business, but not so great for personal use. If a company does let you purchase wholesale votive candle holders from them, without being a business, you'll still have to buy in quantity to get any great savings. This is fine if you can go in on an order with some friends or you need a large quantity for a wedding or event but if you're only buying one or two the best thing to do is compare prices. A company's wholesale prices might be just as much or more than retail candle holders from your local department store.



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