Unique Holders For Votives

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What kinds of votive holders are out there that aren't the same old round ones?

Unique Holders For Votives

Want something different from the same, boring candle holders? Try using peppers for your votives. Choose peppers that are large enough to fit a glass votive holder. Also make sure that the peppers are uniform in shape and as square as possible so they will be sturdier. The stem end of the pepper will be the base of the candle holder. Cut the stems off so it is even with the rest of the peppers. Now turn the pepper over and cut one inch off the opposite end. You'll now want to scoop out all the membranes and seeds, being careful not to tear the peppers. The peppers are now ready for the votives. Gently twist them into place and test them for stability before lighting. These are so cute and great as a centerpiece for an informal dinner or outdoor meal.



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