A Touch of Country With Grubby Votive Candles

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My home is decorated in a shabby/country theme. Are there candles that will fit in with this decor?

A Touch of Country With Grubby Votive Candles

If you love country or primitive décor why not make your candles fit right in with the scenery? Grubby votives are votive candles that have been created from rubber candle molds that cause the outer surface of the candles to have a “dripping” or textured appearance. This dimpling effect gives the candles a rustic look which fits right in with country décor. To decorate with grubby votive candles pair them with country style, rustic or primitive type candle holders. Try wrought iron votive holders or wall sconces with simple glass holders for a clean, country look. Vintage, punched tin wall sconces are a great background for grubby votives. You will want to place the votives in a snug fitting glass holder first and then place the holder on the sconce for proper burning. For a simpler and cute country look, seek out painted votive holders with typical country graphics on them. Just be sure they'll fit your grubby votive candles as these tend to be a little wider than traditional votive candles.



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