The Non-Fat Candle Gift Basket

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What are some good gifts besides food gift baskets?

The Non-Fat Candle Gift Basket

The candle gift basket is low on calories but big on enjoyment. If you're considering buying a gift basket try a candle gift basket instead of the traditional food ones. For a candle lover, nothing is better than a candle gift basket filled with a variety of scented candles. The variety of candle baskets is almost endless. Some have candle holders and other goodies such as scented teddy bears or classical music CDs as well. For a relaxing evening a basket with soothing music, some candles and a couple of champagne flutes is the perfect gift. A word of caution- thought you probably won't find this from professional gift basket makers, never purchase gift baskets that have both candles and chocolate in them. Chocolate will absorb the scent of the candles and be tainted. For those that just can't get enough candles try a basket filled with just candles. Try for a variety of sizes, such as one jar candle and several votives or tea light candles. Some will come with only one scent while others may offer a variety of scents. Candle gift baskets are also perfect for those who are on dietary restrictions. Anyone on a diet, diabetic or with allergies would probably appreciate deliciously smelling candles instead of a basket filled with treats they couldn't eat.



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