A Candle Gift Idea For The Candle Lover

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What can I give my friend that really loves candles?

A Candle Gift Idea For The Candle Lover

Do you know someone who just can't get enough candles? Many candle companies have the ultimate gift idea for just such people. It's called a candle of the month club membership and it's the candle gift that keeps on giving. Signing up someone you love, or even yourself, into a candle of the month club will ensure that you always have a supply of candles coming in during your membership. Each month a new shipment of candles will come straight to the recipient's door. Each month will be a new candle scent so the recipient gets to experience new fragrances they might otherwise not have tried. This candle gift idea is great for those that burn candles on a very regular basis. Do your homework to see which company offers the candle of the month club that will suit your needs best. Some send only candles, some send candles and a candle holder each month. If you or your recipient only burns votives or pillars look for clubs that offer these types of candles exclusively. Then the only other decision to make is how long you want to enroll your loved one into the club. Most companies offer a three, six, nine or twelve month membership. So if you're looking for a candle gift idea for the candle lover you know, consider a candle of the month club membership.



3/23/2007 9:47:50 PM
Joyce Jallo said:

ALL candles are toxic and NOT healthy for my health. I suffer from severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

3/24/2007 10:00:07 AM
Suzanne Olson said:

Are you crazy? Room deodorizers and scented candles are toxic, particularly for asthmatics. These are petroleum products, after all.

4/29/2009 8:58:36 AM
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