A Potpourri Wedding Candle Centerpiece

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I want candle centerpieces at my wedding tables but I also want them to be colorful. Is there a way to do this that's not expensive or really hard to create?

A Potpourri Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Add a splash of color to your wedding candle centerpiece by combining a candle and potpourri in your table centerpieces. Specifically designed glass cylinders can be purchased that will hold potpourri in the bottom of the container and have a separate insert that sits at the top of the cylinder and holds a votive. Available in a set of three different sized cylinders, these wedding candle centerpieces will add a soft glow to your wedding tables and add color via the potpourri. Choose potpourri and candles to match your wedding colors for that perfect added detail. If you want wedding candle centerpieces minus the candles you can always display a larger glass bowl and just use the potpourri inside. Choose either one color for the whole centerpiece of layer colors. This is perfect if your wedding has two colors to its theme or you can layer white with your one wedding color if you wish.



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