Potted Candle Favors

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Can you help us with ideas for wedding favors for our upcoming summer wedding?

Potted Candle Favors

If you're looking for inexpensive and cute candle favors try giving your guests votive candles planted in miniature terra cotta pots. Mini terra cotta pots can be found at any craft store and are inexpensive. To personalize your pots get some craft paint and stencils. A stencil of a heart or dove would be perfect. Try using a metallic gold or silver paint and carefully stencil your picture onto the pots. You'll also want to put your names and the wedding date on your candle favors. If you don't have the room to paint these on the pots, try using a metallic pen and fancy name tags that you can attach to the favors. To seal the pots you'll want to put on a layer of clear acrylic paint to seal and protect your candle favors. Now find votive candles in white that will fit into the terra cotta pots. The best scents for the candles are either vanilla or a light fragrance. You can further decorate the candle favors with ribbon or tulle around the mini pots.



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