Safe Scents With an Electric Fragrancer

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I love candles but can't burn them in my office. Are there any options to get my scent fix?

Safe Scents With an Electric Fragrancer

For those who love the soothing scents of candles but either can't or shouldn't have an open flame, try using an electric fragrancer as a safe alternative. An electric fragrancer gives off scent by electricity when plugged into a wall, as opposed to traditional candles that use flame. For spaces such as dorm rooms, offices, or homes with small children using an electric fragrancer is much safer than having an open flame. Put the candles away and plug in the safer alternative. An electric fragrancer would make an ideal gift for an elderly person either in a retirement home, or who may forget to put out a lit candle. It's well known that certain scents can promote appetite, stimulates memory and give a sense of well-being. An electric fragrancer can stimulate the appetite, memory or well-being through scent without the risk of fire from an open flame.



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