Electric Candle Warmers

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I have tons of jar candles but just found out I can't burn them in my dorm room when I go to college. Do I have to throw them all out or can I do something with them?

Electric Candle Warmers

If you have jar candles in your home but either prefer not to have an open flame or can't burn candles then an electric candle warmer is a great alternative. These devices plug into the wall and have a hot plate surface that you place your jar candle on. Now, instead of relying on a potentially dangerous open flame to release your candle's fragrance, the gentle warming from the hot plate below will slowly melt the candle and scent the air. An electric candle warmer is perfect for teachers, college students in dorms, offices or the elderly. Anywhere that you can't or shouldn't have the open fire of a candle you can still enjoy the jar candles you have in a safe manner. The best part is jar candles are easily accessible and can be used many times before being used up. This may be easier and more cost effective than melting candle tarts.



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