A Discount Pillar Candle Needn't Be Boring

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I want to buy discount candles but are they all just plain candles or are some decorative?

A Discount Pillar Candle Needn't Be Boring

When people think of discounted items they often think they have to sacrifice quality and style. That's not always the case. You can find a good discount pillar candle that both looks and smells great.
Don't automatically go for the boring round pillar candles. A discount pillar candle can come in all shapes and sizes. Try purchasing a square or octagon shaped candle for a unique look. Round ball candles are also a great choice and are a breakaway from the normal round pillars. For something really different, burn a round ball candle down just enough so that there is a hole to fit a tea light cup into. Then place a tea light of contrasting color to the ball candle and simply burn the tea light. The ball candle acts as a unique candle holder.
Odd shaped candles are really shown off when set in groupings. Take two or three of the same shape of a discount pillar candle and arrange them together on a decorative platter or fancy dish. For a more interesting look have the pillars the same shape but different heights.



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