Custom Candles: Printed Candles

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Can candles be personalized with pictures?

Custom Candles: Printed Candles

Candles can be customized in many ways. Sometimes it's the scent and color combination or the size of the candles that matter. Some custom candles are printed with a message or a favorite photo. For businesses, organizations, or just to make a special occasion have custom candles printed with either your business logo or your special message. A candle with your business name and/or logo on it will hold a lasting impression with customers. To mark a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday or retirement have a special message placed on a candle to commemorate the date. For the ultimate in personalized custom candles there are companies that will allow you to email in any picture and have it transferred to a pillar candle. This is perfect for weddings, for a special friend or even just to have a picture of your favorite pet on a candle. A custom photo candle with a baby's first picture on it makes a great gift for grandparents, aunts and uncles. Just be sure when ordering this type of candle to allow time for production. Custom candles always take longer to create than ordinary candles.



7/26/2006 8:35:04 AM said:

Your concept is beautiful and unbelievable to print on candle,but why will anybody like to print ones beloved photo on the candle and burn?the idea doesnt appeal pl elaborate.

3/23/2007 10:00:28 PM
Joyce Jallo said:

I would NEVER hurt anyones health by giving them a toxic gift.


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