Decorative Candles For Men

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I'd like to buy my boyfriend a candle. Are there any candles for men available?

Decorative Candles For Men

For the most part candles are thought of as women's domain but men are beginning to appreciate the finer things in life as well. Here are some suggestions for many candles for the guy on your gift list. A stone shaped Tropical Mango and Vanilla decorative candle with a clay handkerchief candle holder is perfect for the man who loves a good cigar. This masculine candle and holder not only look great but eliminate odors from cigar and cigarette smoke. This decorative candle is perfect for a den or anyone who smokes. These odor eliminating candles are also available in pillar candle form as well. Sometimes all it takes is a manly scent to make a man appreciate a good candle. Avoid flowery, fruity or feminine scents. Instead go for more masculine scents such as Coffee, basil, sage, mint or a musk type of fragrance. If possible, search for a company that allows you to choose your decorative candle colors and choose a plain white candle if possible. The less “girly” (as in no mint green or pink) the better liked the candle will be.



2/19/2007 12:44:29 PM
Jay said:

I don't usually blog but I just got these great Kathy Ireland ID for Men Candles. I didn't know that Kathy made candles but thease are just want a man would like. My favorite is Oriental Musk and Woodland Spice both masculine in smell and shape. I was told that you find them on


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