Custom Candles: The Carved Candle

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What are carved candles?

Custom Candles: The Carved Candle

Carved candles have been around for years but have never been as widely seen as votive and jar candles due to the level of difficulty in making these works of art. For a special occasion, such as a wedding, anniversary or graduation having custom candles carved makes a special and touching gift. Almost any design can be created in these wax custom candles from simple arches and hearts to intricate, woven designs. The best part of these candles is they can be customized with a type of face plate that will hold the recipient's name and the special occasion. Since these custom candles are too beautiful to melt away, some will come with a replaceable tea light which can be placed atop the candle and burned instead of the carved candle itself. This is advisable since these candles can cost upwards of $50.00 due to the work it takes to create them.



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