Matching Decorative Candles To Your Party

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We're having a poker night. Are there any poker themed candles out there?

Matching Decorative Candles To Your Party

Having a fun poker night and want to set the stage with details? Try some poker inspired decorative candles. Miniature floating card candles are perfect for poker night and a set of candles shaped as dice fits right in with game night. Don't forget a Royal Flush pillar candle to top it all off. Not only are these decorative candles in keeping with the night's theme but, since they are scented, they'll help cut down on any cigar or cigarette smoke that may be in the room during the big game. Having a girl's night party? Place martini gel candles throughout the rooms to set the mood for fun. Gel candles in martini glasses, complete with an olive, look just like the real thing. Serve martinis or cosmopolitans to keep with the theme. Want to get really girly with your decorative candles? Floating candles in the shape of lipstick, high heeled shoes and purses in a bowl of water adds another feminine touch to the night.



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