Make Your Own Floral Decorative Candles

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Any suggestions on decorating candles with the kids?

Make Your Own Floral Decorative Candles

Want a fun craft project to do with the kids? Help them make their own decorative candles. What you'll need for your decorative candles: • A Pillar Candle • Scissors • White glue • Sponge for applying glue • Acrylic paint • Paintbrushes • Decorations- leaves or dried flowers that you've collected Big, round pillar candles are the easiest to turn into decorative candles so look for those at the store when getting your supplies. Make sure to remove any wrappers or stickers from the candles. Now decide what you want on your candle. A large, dried leaf (available at craft stores) works well or a flat flower such as a dried periwinkle. Use the sponge to carefully apply glue to the back of the leaf or flower. Press it to the side of the candle and then roll the candle, leaf side down, onto a piece of paper. If the candle is round this will make the edges stand out from the candle, giving it a three-dimensional effect. You can also use stickers or paint on your decorative candles to add details. Paint flowers or butterflies on your candles. To apply stickers, stick them to the candle and then apply a layer of white glue on top of the sticker. The glue will dry clear and seal the sticker to the candle.



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