An Easier Potpourri Home Fragrancer

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I like the Idea of Potpourri but hate the mess of potpourri burners and don’t like how it looks in a bowl. Are there any other products that do the same thing?

An Easier Potpourri Home Fragrancer

Some people love the look of a bowl full of dried potpourri as much as they love the smell. This isn't always the case, though, and if you just want the scent of this home fragrancer without the bowl of dried flowers try displaying a bowl of potpourri beads instead. These tiny, pearlized resin beads are infused with fragrance and act just like potpourri. You can set them out in a decorative bowl and they'll act as any home fragrancer, scenting the air around them.
These little beads are also perfect for making your own sachets or car fresheners. Simply take a small organza bag and fill it with the beads. This is a lot less mess than traditional potpourri but with all the same great fragrance.



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