Outdoor Home Fragrance: The Better Citronella Candle

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I want to keep mosquitoes away but hate the smell of citronella. Is there a good smelling candle that will help?

Outdoor Home Fragrance: The Better Citronella Candle

For years people have had one scent choice when trying to keep mosquitoes at bay. While citronella can be effective, it's not often the best smelling candle. Now you can have it both ways; a great smelling candle and some protection from those nasty biting insects. There are now home fragrance candles on the market that have combined the scent and effect of citronella with other great smelling scents. Available in jar candles, pillars, tea lights and tarts, you now have a multitude of choices in your outdoor home fragrance candles. Not only do they help you enjoy the outdoor but they look much better than a plain, yellow candle.
Choose your outdoor home fragrance from such yummy scents as Garden Spice, Garden Green Herb, Garden Sunny Blooms and Garden Wild Berry—all with a hint of citronella. Now doesn't that sound better than old yellow?



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