Dorm Safe Home Fragrance Products

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I’m not allowed candles in my dorm room. Are there any air freshener products I can use besides sprays?

Dorm Safe Home Fragrance Products

If you're living in a dorm room chances are there's been a ban on candle burning. If you're still looking for an effective and decorative way to scent your dorm room try flame free, electric home fragrancers such as plug-in frangrancers, home fragrance sachets or scented hanging charms.

Scented hanging charms are so beautiful no one will believe they're the home fragrance product in the room. Simply hang these charms anywhere and their fragrance infused beads or shells will slowly release a scent into the air. These are also great as car air fresheners if you want something that looks cooler than the traditional cardboard ones.

Fragrance sachets are another great alternative to flame and electric home fragrance products. Usually used for scenting clothing in drawers, these little decorative sachets can be hung or sat just about anywhere. Try a round sachet with a cut flower attached to the top on a window sill or end table. It'll look cute and make the room smell great too.



3/23/2007 10:14:40 PM
Joyce Jallo said:

Car air fresheners are like poisin also and should be out lawed along with all scented products!!

3/25/2007 5:27:46 AM
Jon said:

I love candles, scents and making homes beautiful and wonderful through them. I wish your business well, but would like to point out a concern. Our modern world exposes us to thousands and thousands of chemicals. If I recall, the figure is about 700,000 chemicals in our food, water and air. Because this is the case, it is very important that we do not unnecessarily expose ourselves to ever more chemicals.

I do not think that there exists a more beautiful scent than those created by natural oils from flowers and bark and other natural sources.

I think it is very important for the scent industry to move away from all synthetic scents as the air in our environment is now already a virtual sea of chemicals.

There is evidence to suggest that the rise of inner city asthma is a pollution related illness and that there are even much more severe pollution related illnesses.

Please make all efforts to direct scent related business concerns into the beauty of natural products. They are wonderful, we don't need others (and others, frankly, do not smell as wonderful).

Thank you for your time.



3/25/2007 7:53:16 AM
denny said:

but you are still spewing chemicals in the air which will hurt those around that have any asthsma or chemical allergies or sensitivities. When you own you own house and people can choose whether to visit your air, go ahead, but in a dorm or other public space, your air is everyone elses air too!

3/26/2007 10:13:30 AM
Steve Chalmers said:

Any fragrance emitting device, especially the electric one my dentist started using recently, is a barrier to access for me. Some of the solvents and enhancers used in modern fragrances give me cough variant asthma and various CNS symptoms, even at levels so low I can't smell them.

My son leaves for college next fall. He is so sensitive to those things that if his roommate plugged in a fragrance emitter, for even a few minutes, he would not only be unable to enter the room but also likely would have to discard everything he owned in the room. Barrier to access, indeed!


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