Hassle Free Scents With A Home Air Fragrance Diffuser

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Is there a way to fragrance a room without candles or using anything that needs to be plugged in?

Hassle Free Scents With A Home Air Fragrance Diffuser

Sometimes burning a candle or plugging in a tart warmer just isn't feasible. If you're looking for a safe and low tech way to fragrance a room try a simple home air fragrance diffuser.
The home air fragrance diffuser consists of a ceramic or glass jar that contains fragrance oil and a set of long stick-like reeds. By opening the jar and placing the reeds into it, the reeds wick up the scented oil and release it into the room. There's no open flame to worry about and no need for electricity. Just set it somewhere that it won't get tipped over and let this simple little home fragrance product do its job.
This type of home air fragrance item is perfect for the office, retirement homes or dorm rooms where open flames aren't allowed. Also try them in a sun room or gazebo where electricity isn't available. To rejuvenate the scents just reverse the sticks.



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