The Right Candle Tarts For The Occasion

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What scents should I use for my candle tarts to set a relaxing or romantic mood?

The Right Candle Tarts For The Occasion

Because candle tarts can be blended to create customized scents use this to your advantage to set the stage. The right fragrance in the air can put people in a festive mood or calm you after a stressful day. Candle tarts for a party: • ½ a tart of Macintosh apple and ½ of Tangerine and Peach. The fruity scents will liven up the crowd, especially in summer. • Jellybean- ½ a tart of Grapefruit and ½ a tart of Cucumber and Cantaloupe. This delicious scent will perk up your guests. Serve bowls of jellybeans for fun. Candle tarts for a relaxing evening: • ½ a tart of Hazelnut Coffee and ½ a tart of French Vanilla. Curl up with a homemade specialty coffee, a good book and this soothing scent in the background. Candle tarts for a romantic evening: • ½ a tart of Midsummer nights and ½ a tart of Plumeria. This sensual blend will set the mood for love. Melt these tarts while you have a hot bubble bath for two.



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