Unique Candle Tarts

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I love scented tarts but I'm getting tired of the same old shapes. Are there different shapes besides round or square candle tarts?

Unique Candle Tarts

Most candle tarts are fairly simplistic in design but for those who love added detail try one of these unique candle tarts in your burner. The cookie candle tart looks, well, just like a cookie. These cookies come in a variety of different cookie types and smell just as they look. The vanilla cookies are vanilla scented and the fudge cookies are fragranced with a rich chocolate aroma. For themed occasions why not melt candle tarts that are in keeping with the event. For a baby shower try candle tarts in the shape of baby booties, baby feet or teddy bears. If you want to freshen up the air during the big game melt some football shaped tarts in a neutral or masculine scent that the guys won't mind.



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