Blending Your Own Scents With Candle Tarts

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I love blending my own scents. Is there a way to do this with candle tarts?

Blending Your Own Scents With Candle Tarts

Tired of the same old scents from your candle tarts? Try blending scents together to create your own new fragrances. Because you can fit a few small candle tarts in a tart warmer at the same time try mixing two scents together, such as strawberry and a lemon scents for a strawberry lemonade fragrance. Another one to try is blending cinnamon with an orange scent or a coconut with a pineapple or lime fragrance. The possibilities really are endless. For a harmonious blend try keeping blended scents in the same scent family. Floral scents usually go well with other floral scents and fruit or food fragrances usually blend well. Two strong scents may end up battle it out instead of blending so some experimentation may be required. Don't forget to write down which candle tarts you put into your tart warmer so that if you like it you'll be able to duplicate it.



3/23/2007 9:52:17 PM
Joyce Jallo said:

ALL candles are NOT safe to breath, even in combination with other scents. I suffer from severe Multiple Chemical Senitivity (MCS).


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