Candle Tarts As Drawer Sachets

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Are there any other uses for candle tarts besides melting them?

Candle Tarts As Drawer Sachets

Little wax candle tarts can be versatile little things. Instead of melting all your tarts away in your tart warmer, why not use some as scent sachets for drawers or closets? To make your own scent sachet, either purchase a small muslin or other very lightweight bag. Take a few small sized candle tarts and fill the bag with them. Make sure the bag closes tightly to keep the tarts inside so the wax doesn't rub off on your clothing. If you're worried about the bag opening, take a piece of ribbon and tie the top of the bag tightly. Now place the sachet filled with candle tarts in a drawer or hang from a clothes hanger in your closet and enjoy sweetly scented clothing. Just remember—if you share a closet with a man you may want to keep any “girly” scented sachets out of there or go with a very neutral scent.



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