Decorating With The Floating Candle

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How can I use floating candles to decorate?

Decorating With The Floating Candle

If you're looking for a unique way to decorate with candles or an out of the ordinary centerpiece for a table try using the floating candle.
Brighten any room instantly by placing a floating candle grouping in a bowl full of water. Try adding small, floral shaped floating candles in a variety of colors for a garden bouquet effect or one large flower floating candle surrounded by a few miniature ones in a different, but complimentary, color.
This type of floating candle arrangement would be a stunning alternative to the traditional dinner candles during a romantic meal. Look for heart shaped floating candles for that extra romantic touch.
For an indoor party, a floating candle grouping in the bathtub will certainly impress your guests as they visit your powder room. Fill your tub with lukewarm water and place a few lit floating candles in the water. Having the party outside? Place bowls of floating candle arrangements on patio tables, in secure basket hangers and hang them around your patio or in your swimming pool if you have one. Just remember to keep lit candles away from all things flammable. Then get ready for the compliments from your guests.



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