Keeping Up To Date With New Candle Scents

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How can I find out about new Yankee Candles?

Keeping Up To Date With New Candle Scents

If you are a regular buyer of candles and want to keep up on the new candles that are offered there are a couple of methods of doing so.

The easiest way to find out about any new candles - including new Yankee candles, Illumination candles, or other name brand - is to register with the company's Website. By providing your email address you can get information on new candles delivered right to your inbox. Registering will also keep you up to date on any specials or contests they are holding.

Most companies come out with new products when the seasons change. Spring and fall are usually the best times to look for new products as spring will launch any new spring/summer scents being offered and fall will showcase any new fall or Christmas scents. If you're the type to sniff before you buy any new candles try using the store locator on the company Website and find a retailer near you. That way you can sample the scents in person or inquire as to when new stock is coming in.



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