Candles As Party Favors

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Can you use candles as party favors?

Candles As Party Favors

If you're looking for a unique idea in party favors try using small candles. They smell great, people love them, and they're more useful than traditional favors. Hand out decorated votives for an office Christmas party or to celebrate a milestone at work. Have the candle party favors personalized with a message regarding the occasion to make a great keepsake. For a retirement party, have the retiree's name on the label, along with a little note about the person and their career. For a baby shower use baby powder scented candles wrapped in tulle as the perfect party favors. If you know the sex of the baby make the tulle and ribbon blue or pink, if not keep the colors neutral. A personalized message with the baby's name and birth date should be on each of the party favors if the baby has already arrived, or a more general message if baby is yet to be born. For unique graduation party favors, try giving a boxed set of beeswax candles rolled to look like diplomas. You can either have the candles in the grad's school colors or keep the party favors their natural color and use colored ribbon for the school colors. Have a small message tag noting the grad's name, date of graduation and from which school.



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