Decorative Candle Gifts For the Teenage Girl

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I have a teenaged niece to buy for. She likes candles--are there any candles out there that are suited for girls her age?

Decorative Candle Gifts For the Teenage Girl

Buying for teenage girls can be better described as “Mission Impossible”. If you have a teenage girl to buy for, and she likes candles or anything fun and girly, try giving her some decorative candles for her room. For those on the “girly” side, votive holders with pictures of shoes and make-up should fit right in with their rooms. In hip pink and black these decorative candles with sayings such as “Shoe Queen” and “Born to Shop” should fit the bill nicely. Charm candles, which come in the same style but with a cute charm bracelet attached, is another perfect gift for the teenage girl on your list. Have a girl to buy for that's not so girly? For those teenage girls with a little of the “rock and roller” in them a candle in the shape of a high heeled boot will be more to their liking. Available in black or pink leopard print, these funky candles come complete with ankle jewelry that the girl can wear herself. For even more rock and roll decorative candles a set of drum or guitar shaped tea light holders should do the trick. Include a package of tea light candles and she'll be thanking you for the cool gift.



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