Unique and Unusual Candle Centerpieces

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Waht are some unusual candle centerpieces you can use for weddings?

Unique and Unusual Candle Centerpieces

Because flowers tend to wilt so fast you may want to consider alternate types of candle centerpieces. For something unusual try placing your votive candles inside a birdcage. The cage can be spray painted any color you wish and the candles can be simply set at the bottom of the cage in a votive holder. For added decoration, add ribbon or dried flowers to the outside of the cage. For a unique candle centerpiece skip the usual candle holder and use small Greek-style columns to hold your pillar candles. These can be bought at any craft store and are relatively inexpensive. The columns can be decorated with wrapped ivy or dried flowers and can either sport a pillar candle or a bowl with a floating candle on the top. For very simple yet elegant candle centerpieces try using a wax sculptured piece with a votive candle holder behind it. These unique wax centerpieces house the votive holder in the back of them and the candle illuminates the carved wax piece, revealing the detailed design. These are beautiful and will set a romantic mood perfectly.



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