Choosing A Type Of Wax Candle

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Are all types of wax candles the same?

Choosing A Type Of Wax Candle

Though many people may think any wax candle is made from the same type of wax, there are actually three popular types of wax candle on the market.
The type of wax candle people are most familiar with is paraffin wax. These types of candles are easily found and come in varieties such as votives, pillars, jar candles, tarts and tea lights. They are usually relatively inexpensive and can be found just about anywhere that home décor is sold.
A soy wax candle is made from the soy bean and is another popular candle choice. Soy candles usually have long burn times because they have a lower melting point and tend to emit less soot. The soy bean is a renewable resource and purchasing a soy candle helps support American farmers who grow the soy bean plant.
Beeswax candles have been around for centuries and are virtually soot free. They emit their own sweet, honey smell and it is suggested that beeswax candles can be great for those with allergies because they are naturally colored and scented.



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