Getting Wax Off a Wood Coffee Table

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I blew my candle out the other day on my brand new wood coffee table. I now have dried wax everywhere. Could you please tell me how to get it out?

Getting Wax Off a Wood Coffee Table

When you blow a candle out and the candle's wax drips onto your wood coffee table, the best thing you can do is let the wax dry before doing anything. Once the it is dry, apply ice to to the wax, which will make it extremely hard and brittle. Then, you can simply scrape the wax off with a plastic spatula. Because you want the wood surface to stay nice, you should polish the table with a cream polish making sure the wax hasn't left any residue.



9/26/2011 7:16:26 AM
Colleen Sibert said:

Worked like a charm!!! My table is back to perfect! I spilled melted wax from my tart burner and thought I had ruined my table. I put ice cubes and a little bit of cold water in a zip lock and laid it on the wax, waited about 10 minutes and scraped it off with a credit card. I polished the table with pledge and it looks like new! Thanks for the tip!


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