Unique Home Fragrance Products

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What types of unique home fragrance products are available?

Unique Home Fragrance Products

Scented sea shells are both decorative and useful. These real, little sea shells are infused with fragrance and act as home fragrance product. To use them try placing them in a decorative bowl or basket. They're perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms where you want a little fragrance but don't always want to be burning a candle. For something really different, sprinkle some on a table during an outdoor patio party. They'll fit right into a summer themed event and will scent the surroundings too.
It's always great when you can do double duty with your home fragrance products. Since everyone has to clean and do laundry, why not scent your home while you're at it? A scented countertop cleaner will gently scent your kitchen or bathroom while you clean, leaving you with a fresh scent instead of a harsh chemical one. A laundry wash added to each load will give your clothes a fresh fragrance that detergents just can't. Just add a little to the water and it'll do the rest.



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