Monster Spray: The Kid's Home Fragrancer

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Is there a home fragrancer that’s meant for kids?

Monster Spray: The Kid's Home Fragrancer

Candles and potpourri aren't safe for kids. So how do you freshen up their rooms safely? A product called Monster spray not only acts as a home fragrancer that you can spray on their sheets or carpet but will also get rid of any unwanted monsters in the closet.

If your child is afraid of the dark or swears there's something hairy living under the bed, assure them that you can rid them of any unwanted guests with Monster spray. This lavender scented room spray is safe for any fabrics so it can be sprayed directly on beds, clothes in the closet or on rugs and carpets under the bed. You'll be getting rid of monsters, and the soothing Lavender scent will help your children relax and fall to sleep.

While you will want to supervise the spraying with small children, helping them rid themselves of their monsters can meant a great smelling room and a sleeping child…all with the use of Monster Spray.



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