The Right Home Fragrance Product For The Job

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How do I know which home fragrance product to use and when?

The Right Home Fragrance Product For The Job

With so many home fragrance products on the market it can sometimes be difficult to know what each is best used for. Here are some tips for what to use and when to use it.
Candles are great for everyday use. With their soft glow, they are easy to use and a quality candle will scent a large area within your home. Use these to put a fresh fragrance in the air or to cover up light, unpleasant odors such as musty smells or smells from cooking. Candles also help set a mood so these home fragrance products do double duty for you. Light one for a quiet, romantic evening and enjoy the sight and scents they provide.

Electric plug-in home fragrance products are much the same as candles, in that they will scent a large area throughout the day. The beauty of these products is that they don't pose the same fire hazard as candles do and they require no wick trimming and can be left unattended. These are great for scenting your home, office or dorm room, when candles can't be used.

Air fresheners and fabric refreshers are for immediate and strong infusions of scent. Use an air freshener for a quick fragrance fix in the kitchen after changing the garbage or to freshen up a room when time is of the essence. A fabric refresher will quickly eliminate odors in furniture, bed linens and curtains. Great for getting out pet odors on furniture and carpets or the smell of smoking from all fabrics. Just be sure you're using a home fragrance product specifically for fabric so that it doesn't stain the materials.



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