Removing Pet Odors With A Home Fragrance Product

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Can I use candles and air fresheners to get pet odors out of my home?

Removing Pet Odors With A Home Fragrance Product

We love our pets, be they a dog, cat or gerbil, but those cute little critters do have a way of scenting our homes in an unpleasant way. That's where a specially designed home fragrance product can help eliminate those unwanted pet odors.
To rid your home of pet odors on a daily basis try burning a candle specifically for pet odor control. By regularly lighting this type of home fragrance product you can keep any pet odors at bay without a lot of work. For spot odor removal, such as the dog's favorite place on the couch, try an odor eliminating fabric refresher. These are perfect to spritz on your furniture or carpets a couple of times a week or just before company arrives for a quick burst of fresh scent.
For small, contained areas, such as where you store your kitty litter or where your hamster resides, try using a small space deodorizer. Just hang this home fragrance product somewhere out of your pet's reach and it will control litter box or cage odors easily and efficiently.
If you prefer to have constant odor control without having to light a candle try a plug in home fragrance product. This will act like a candle, scenting a room consistently, without having to worry about an open flame. Just be careful not to place one of these in a small space that your pet resides in, such as caged animals, without proper ventilation.



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